A Catalog of Sensory Ideas

Sensory play is crucial for a child’s development. Sensory play can help your baby develop a better sense of  vision, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. While a child with cerebral palsy or other various disabilities may experience an abnormal degree of sensory processing, sensory play is still important.


Going to College with Asperger’s & Autism

Resources to Prepare Parents & Students with ASD

An expert-driven guide focused on providing resources and tools students with ASD can use to make the transition to college smooth and successful. Key sections of the guide I think you might find most interesting and helpful are the college success tips and the importance of self-advocacy.
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Interactive planner for caregivers

All parents know how difficult it is to keep track of everything going on with their kids. From meals, to medications, to the daily schedule, children’s lives seem every bit as complicated as adults’ – maybe more. When a child has special needs, the complexity is raised to another level.

You probably feel like you could hire a personal assistant to manage your kid’s affairs.

Since that isn’t financially feasible for most parents, we’ve put together a virtual assistant to help keep you and your kids organized. And our interactive planner is absolutely free for you to use.

Explore the toolbox below and discover user-friendly ways to schedule your child’s day, record your child’s meals, track games and activities, log medications, and share emergency contact information.

We hope the interactive planner makes your hectic life just a little bit easier.


Autism Parenting Magazine

Are you looking for the most up-to-date news and professional guidance for you and your child on the subject of autism?

Autism Parenting Magazine gives your family access to:

  • Expert advice from our team of respected professionals.
  • Solutions for dealing with sensory issues.
  • Advice for handling transitions.
  • Therapies to help develop your child's potential.
  • The latest news and research that can help your family.
  • Real life stories from parents of children on the spectrum as well as from adults with autism to inspire and bring hope.

Visit www.autismparentingmagazine.com to learn more.


SmartWatch is an easy-to-use, non-invasive wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts connected family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive, irregular shaking motion.


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The Alert Program® for Self-Regulation

Over the past two decades, countless parents, teachers, and therapists world-wide have implemented the Alert Program with those who are verbal or non-verbal. They found the program to be a practical approach to support self-regulation for all ages and all types of challenges, including autism and ADHD. As you begin thinking how the Alert Program can best meet the needs of your young child, older student, or adult client, click on the following questions. And we encourage you to browse our website to learn more.


We offer our two day "How Does Your Engine Run?" Alert Program trainings throughout the United States and internationally. Review our schedule below. We also offer one day trainings and customized distance learning options (contact us to request a Sponsor Packet).


Oral Care for Children by Humairah Shah, DMD

Children don’t come with a manual. Your first child is always a learning experience. I wanted to give a first time mother a list of few things that will help take care of her child’s teeth.



Download an iBooks App or in iBooks search, "Sam and the Sugar Bug."



NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization brought to you by the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation in partnership with Michael Greger, M.D. Dr. Greger scours the world of nutrition-related research, as published in scientific journals, and brings that information to you in short, easy to understand video segments.  We also provide links to the original journal articles whenever possible so that you can source the information directly, if you so desire. All donations to NutritionFacts.org aretax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

The goal of this website is to present you with the results of the latest in nutrition and health research, presented in a way that is easy to understand.


Autism Treatment Center of Newtown Square, PA

A state-of-the-art comprehensive center for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Developmental Delay, integrating mainstream behavioral therapy with innovative, cutting-edge biomedical interventions.


The Arc of the Osarks, Springfield, MO

The Arc currently serves 30+ individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis in the Springfield, MO area. To help address our needs locally, we have developed a new program with an autism focus. 


Free Photography Session for Families with Special Needs Children in Morris County, NJ.

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What Parents of Students with Disabilities Need to Know

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