Services we offer:


"Swim for hope" Program

The program runs in collaboration with Special Olympics NJ, beginning as a water safety program. Then, as participants' abilities progress, they graduate into the “learn to swim” program. If the criteria are met to compete in the Special Olympics program, the individual will be able to join Team HOPE, the competitive swim team of Autism Radio. The program is sponsored by the Passaic County Freeholders and runs September to May.


Therapeutic Horseback riding

A program designed to address the complex behavioral, social, and emotional challenges of autism. The program, run in collaboration with Equine Therapy Centers, is a goal-directed program tailored to each child's needs. Youth bond with horses as they learn to care for them and prepare them for a ride. Then, they develop a combination of social, communication, and motor skills while riding the horse. The program runs throughout the year, in sessions of 10 weeks.


ipads for Autism

Through our fundraising campaigns, Autism Radio has been able to donate iPads to many children in our surrounding communities. This program is designed to provide assistive technologies and associated training to families of children with autism, provided in association with schools. Autism Radio accepts applications for direct assistance to help families with expenses such as iPads with assistive technology and the apps to accompany it.

Giving Hope Martial Arts Program

Iron Temple "Matrix" is an adaptive martial arts program developed to teach and motivate students with special needs. This innovative program incorporates fitness and wellness into the fundamentals. Giving HOPE Spectrum Martial Arts Program combines a martial arts instructor with a therapist in every class! 

Our goals are to increase the student's awareness, self-esteem and confidence. These characteristics are achieved through fun and exercise, which are essentials to the program. Further benefits include improved attention, greater social skills and self-control, as well as increased levels of confidence, discipline and coordination. 

Each individual is evaluated to provide appropriate class preparation, placement and advancement. Each trail is a behavioral therapist. A parent or guardian must be present.

Music Therapy Program

ROCK.Out.Loud is dedicated to creating Social Skills groups by incorporating rock and roll music. This specialized program is the creation of and helmed by ABA-Certified Paraprofessional and multi-instrument musician, Sean Yocum. The program will provide clients with the opportunity to have a HANDS ON experience with instruments and equipment (Electric Guitars, Electric Bass, Drum Sets, Electric Keyboards, and Percussion). The concept is to give young people the opportunity to be exposed to and experiment with making their own music in an environment that encourages them to interact with their peers by “ROCKING OUT LOUD” in a rock band/social group setting.

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